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Traditional Signs: Non-Electrical Signs
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Traditional Signs: Non-Electrical Signs

Commercial signs have become a cornerstone of today’s business world. They are made to signal your location, promote your services, and inform your customers about prices, promotions, and other useful information. Signs can be split into two major categories: electrical and non electrical signs. As the name says it, electrical signs are those where light is created through electricity to make your sign visible at night or when it’s dark out. Non Electrical signs, also referred to as traditional signs, are those that do not feature electricity to enhance them. There are many types of non electrical signs, here is a brief breakdown and description of the types of signs to help you chose which one would be best for your business.

Traditional SignsTraditional Signs: Individual Letters

Individual letters are the most common types of traditional signs. They are commonly placed in front of the building of a commercial establishment, usually directly on the building. Individual sign letters can be manufactured from an infinite variety of materials and combinations, not to mention colors, shapes and designs. The most popular materials are PVC and laminated foam, both great for indoor usage. External individual letters are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass because of their durability and visual characteristics.


Traditional SignsDirectional/marker Blades

Directional signs are a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild. They can be made from different materials and are placed in front of a store or commercial establishment to point out its location. Marker blades are very common in real estate, also point out the location of a specific place or commercial establishment. Just make sure you check the local building and zoning codes first to make sure you are abiding to all the regulations.

Point of Purchase

Often referred to as a P.O.S. are a great way to enhance your storefront and advertise your most popular products or services. No matter what your industry is, if would like to point out a specific product or service you feel will bring in more customers you should contact a professional to set up points of sale traditional signs and start taking more advantage of your potential clientele.


Traditional SignsBanners, Window & Canopy

Banners, window signs and canopy signs (signs usually placed at a second floor level or above) are awesome ways to get noticed from a distance. You must pay special attention to font and color contrast because you want your potential customers to be able to read your sign. Get help from a qualified professional to set up your banner, window sign or canopy sign to make sure you get the best results.

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