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About Us


We are a sign company that offers design and build services for you, from initial sketches to the final construction.


Our Mission

Your sign: from idea; through regulation, to reality. On time- through time.

Our Vision

Our goal is to expand and grow our name branded as a trademark proven system that resolves the issues between permitting, producing, installing and maintaining signs, showcasing our unique perspective.

We Believe

We believe that true value, is not just in the price itself, but in the combination of its function and its longevity. By being affordable and by working with our customers as a unique individual we can get to the point of satisfaction in equation price, service and quality business get the best possible exposure at the best price.

We are sure you are wondering how we could have 5,000 years of experience; but the answer is very simple, our premise comes from the first signs ever made by human kind. Inspired by the era, we have the same desire of leaving a mark in the generations to come.

What we do

We are capable of handling from one sign to a local retailer to the whole signage system in a shopping plaza.

We can service and install  from the ground floor to the top of high rise buildings. We are bonded, insured, certified, licensed, and U.L approved to provide service and installation in the state of Florida, as well as manufacture for national companies. We carry a complete line if signage products.


Advanced Multi Sign Was born in 1999 in February 15. It was a “signal” received as an act of romanticism (after san valentine) or just plain and simple a result of seen a need in the marketplace for a better way to design, manufacture, install and maintain signs. Either way there was a necessity to make it happen and Advanced Multi Sign came to light.

In the following years, after the initial struggles that all entrepreneurs has to overcome, we quickly developed from the back yard of the house to 600 sq ft tiny place to 2500 sq ft to 4000 sq ft to 6000 and now to 13,000 sq ft. Thru the process we switched the focus from providing all type of signs with the latest technology, to provide custom design sign manufacturing, installing and servicing signs with professionals dedicate to think in how to make a better product and service using the latest resources available.

In 2016 Advanced Multi Sign files for trademark and franchise agreement. And quickly right after starts getting recognitions and awards:

  • 2017 Receives award “Inner City 100”.
  • 2017 Advanced Multi Sign is recognized by “Entrepreneurs Magazine” and publish within the 100 companies if US that achieve record growth in inner cities.
  • 2018 Miami Herald recognizes the work of the CEO and publish an extensive article on his persona and the company.
  • 2018 nominated and recipient of the award American Dreamer from the Hispanic Unity of Florida and Southeastern Nova University.
  • 2018 Receives award “Inner City 100”. The Boston Based organization decided to grant the award for the second time in a row.
  • 2018 is set up for grow decide to expand the company once again, but now with the goal of providing a home for the Advanced Multi Sign.
  • Advanced Multi Sign is recognized for 2018 excellence award by US institute of commerce.
  • 2019 recognized and awarded again for Growth by the ICIC.

Among our clients are fortune 500 companies, international developers, Cities and institutions nonprofits; franchises, general contractor, architects, small business.

Ariel pedrosa

Ariel Pedrosa - CEO

Ariel Pedrosa is the creator & president of Advanced Multi Sign Corp. Immigrant and entrepreneur by spirit; choose Miami to lay his roots and established his family. He was selected to be part of Goldman and Sachs Entrepreneurship program “10000 small business”, graduating in 2017, and in the same year was nominated and awarded by ICIC with the top 100 Inner City Companies in United States to achieve fastest growth. Shortly after in 2018, “the Miami Herald” publicly recognizes the owner for his achievements and in the same year in Nova Southeastern University the “Florida United Spanish Coalition” awards him with “The American Dreamer”. Ariel Pedrosa is again recognized and awarded as a CEO by the ICIC 2018 and 2019 for taking again Advanced Multi Sign to be honored as within the top 100 companies to achieve growth in the inner Cities.

For 20 years Ariel pedrosa has been CEO of Advanced Multi Sign and now set course for new bold goal. Becoming nationwide. As firm believer in leading by example, in social responsibility, in knowledge as the best road for growth, he truly believe that there are no limits when creativity is combined with resilience and persistence.

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