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We produce all types Channel letters. There are several types of internally illuminated letters and we are proud to say that we produce all of them in house! If you dream it, then we can make it (even if it is not commonly known). All of our letters are manufactured under a strict quality control process with light & durable materials, all U.L. listed.  We have combined in our process elements of automation and elements of highly specialized manual skill allowing us to fully customize our signs at a very affordable price. Here you have some of the most known types of channel letters signs that customers just like you dreamed of this idea. Click in the images and get a brief description of the product as well.

  • Reverse Channel letters also known as hallow lit or back lit are a great way to identify your business when you have predominant pedestrian traffic: these are great for malls, esplanades, boulevards, etcetera…
  • Front lit channel letters also known as face lit. These are best use in location where you can reach vehicular traffic at high speed.
  • Side lit letters: we have started this production as a result of the request of several customers. You will notice that there are several type of returns in these letters and all of them produce in house.
  • Vintage or marquee style letters: This sign style has become popular among designers and architects that wants to bring pizzazz to the sign market place. It is complex, yet amazing.
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