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Tips for Your Commercial Sign
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Tips for Your Commercial Sign

Commercial signage has become a pivotal part of commercial establishments, and can be a huge factor in a businesses’ success. Although putting up a commercial sign may seem fairly easy, there are plenty factors you must take into consideration to make sure your sign has the desired effect. If your sign is not properly placed, designed or even sized properly, it can have the completely opposite effect and can drive customers away from your company instead of attracting them.

commercial signPlacement

Placement is one of the often overlooked factors when placing a commercial sign. Your business can have the best sign out there, however if it is not placed properly it will not reach its full potential. In most cases you should place your sign as high as you can while still making it visible from the bottom. This will let people see your sign from far away and still be able to read it and identify it once they are in front of your commercial establishment.


Make Your Commercial Sign Attractive

This one’s easier said than done, but basically your commercial sign should appeal to your specific market. For instance, if you’re in the children’s party supplies industry you want your sign to be colorful and entertaining, and maybe even feature one of the main products or services you offer. This will drive in the right crowd and give the right impression. Always review your industry and market so you can figure out the best way to attract the customers you want.


commercial signSize Does Matter

Depending on what space you have available, your commercial sign should be big enough to be seen, read and understood from far away while still being legible and recognizable from short distances. Your size and placement should compliment each other, as placing a massive sign at street level or placing a small sign high in the air can drive customers away.


Stay True to Your Industry

Simple, do not let the looks of your sign mislead your potential customers. Coming back to our prior example, businesses in the children’s party supplies business want to use fun fonts and bright, attractive colors to catch the right market’s eye. If they used serious fonts and dull colors their customers would be driven away by the gloom looks of their sign.


commercial signTry to Include a Commercial Logo

Although it may sometimes be tricky, logos are generally a must in any commercial sign. Make sure you include your logo in your sign without giving a crowded or overloaded effect. A clear, concise logo will give a professional effect you want to portray to your potential clientele.

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