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Signage and It’s Purposes
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Signage and It’s Purposes

We are all familiar with Signage or signs. They have become a cornerstone of modern society and are found in all sizes, shapes and colors. It may seem quite obvious, but the truth is that most people take signs for granted. If you removed all signs from any city it will affect every aspect of human life. Therefore it’s important to know the advantages and purposes of signs. Unlike most inventions, signs are still being used for the same reason they were developed. Here are a few usages you can find for signs, from practical and personal to professional and even legal purposes.

Signage and its pruposesInform

The first and most common purpose of a sign is to inform. Inform what? Well anything to anyone who cares to read. Signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whenever you walk into your office kitchen and open the fridge you usually find lunch boxes and Tupperware with signs on them. If you go for a walk around a park or mall you will find “no smoking” and “no pets” signs. Even if you decide to drive around your city, signs can guide you and give you important information about the laws in your city.


Mostly used for drivers, wayfinding signs tell you how to get to specific places or areas in cities and rural areas. Signs can be placed by local governments to highlight prominent buildings and important offices. In addition, you can find signs that guide you to private businesses, anything from pizza parlors to insurance services.

signage and its purposesSignage to Communicate Information

Signs are used to communicate important information as well. Cities usually place signs to inform citizens about scheduled repairs, park rules or to simply give information about a historic building or area. You may also find signs that give you details about promotions, sales, openings, concerts, events and any other activity that is taking place in your area.

Show Support

Some informative signs are placed to create awareness and show support to a specific cause. You often find breast cancer banners around major cities along with other types of signs that show support to a specific cause.

signage and its purposesMarketing

Marketing banners are great ways to get your name out there. Although it can’t be measured by actual sales they are a great way create a branding effect. Combining wayfinding and marketing signs is tricky but brings in great results. Business signs and promotional displays are also considered marketing signs, just keep in mind you should consult with a professional before putting up signs for your business.


You will find many signs that point out a specific location. These signs usually point you to a commercial establishment, public areas such as parks, malls, and churches. Business signs are also considered identification signs because their main goal is to mark a commercial establishment’s location.


Lastly, promotional signs are designed to advertise a promotion, opening or event being held by a business or businesses. It can showcase anything: from a simple sale to a festival featuring different acts and brands.

Professional signs are a pivotal part of any business. If you need professional signage services give us a call and our team of qualified experts will be more than happy to assist you today!

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