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Electrical Signs: Types and Advantages
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Electrical Signs: Types and Advantages

Putting up a sign infront of your store or commercial establishment is a millennial tradition that is still strong today. Signs are among the oldest artifacts known to human beings and will remain a huge part of society as long as humans remain visual creatures. Signs used to be a very simple and straightforward, but are now available in every style, shape or form you can imagine, and sometimes a few that you don’t. Below we came up with a few suggestions to help guide you in your quest for the ideal sign outside of your commercial establishment.

electrical signs

Electrical Signs 

Electrical signs are defined as those signs using electricity in one way or another, usually to create an attractive sign. They are very advantageous if you want your business or products to be found at night. Electrical signs are usually paired with vibrant color which makes them very easy to find or spot. Pretty much every business in the world, from small family owned businesses to huge conglomerates like McDonald’s. The only downside is that even after they are bought they continue to present an expense because of the electricity they use. Electrical signs generally weaker than regular signs so want to make sure they are placed beyond the public’s reach.

electrical signs

Neon Signs

Neon signs may be considered as a subcategory of electrical signs, however they do have similar characteristics that will make you believe neon should be in a category of their own. Neon signs use neon and other gases to create vibrant, shiny colors that give it the unique look. Neon signs have been around for more than 90 years and will remain that way for a while.

High Rise

High rise signs are those put up on a space above your business or commercial establishment. Also referred to as “heaven spots”, high rise signs are easily seen and recognized at any part of the city.

electrical signs

Non-Electrical Signs

Also known as traditional signs, non-electrical signs have been around for thousands of years now. Their goal is simple: provide information to customers about what products and services are offered in a commercial establishment. The idea remains the same today. Traditional signs will not cost you additional money or much upkeep and is bound to attract potential clients with a simply crafter yet brilliant design.

Choosing what sign is best for you is no easy task. Give us a call and one of our qualified individuals will be happy to assist you today!

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