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Best Traditional Advertising Techniques

Best Traditional Advertising Techniques


Unlike decades ago, advertising and marketing are now regarded as two strongholds for any business. Mass advertising techniques have now been around for a while and it seems they are planning to stay. Although some businesses still think investing money in advertising is not the best move, there are plenty more examples to prove them wrong. In a nutshell, advertising and marketing are methods to put your name out there and tell consumers what you have to offer. Customers will never purchase your products or services if they are not aware they exist, so marketing and advertising are the means through which you can achieve this. In this article we will cover traditional forms of advertising, which include signs and also billboards, television & radio, print, and good old word of mouth. Although there is no real way to measure the success of traditional advertising techniques, they reach the highest number of people and  are great for branding purposes.


Channel Letters

Insurance Net Letter Raceway

Signs. Often cited as the first real type of advertising (besides word of mouth) signs have a simple task: guide consumers towards products and services. They are still the most popular form of advertising, as every single business in the world has a sign outside of their establishment. Restaurants, offices, barber shops, stores, or whichever commercial establishment you think of uses signs to indicate their whereabouts and often give information about them.  


Billboards. Billboards are the most popular advertising technique in North America and probably the world. They use visual appeal to cause a lasting effect on consumers and often depict persons or places of general interest. They are usually used to indicate location rather than provide information as they are placed on highways and vehicle routes. Nowadays you can also find billboards featuring videos instead of traditional images.

Miami Channel Letters

Miami Denny’s Channel Letters


Mass media. Out of all the traditional advertising channels, mass media (television and radio) is the newest and most used one. Television and radio ads reach millions of consumer on daily basis and can feature products, services and events for all age groups, genders and preferences. It is also the most lucrative form of advertising, costing advertisers between $200 and $1,500 for a 30 second television commercial.


Print. Print advertising offers a huge advantage over the other traditional methods because it can be broad or narrowed down to a particular segment of readers. Magazines, newspapers, flyers and other printed media are distributed and read only to people who are interested in those topics. Featuring the correct advertising in the correct printed media can result in a monumental sales increase for any industry.

Referral. The best, most reliable advertising channel is good old word of mouth. By giving the best quality services and products, you will get referrals from your happy customers, which work better than any modern or traditional advertising technique out there.

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