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5 Tips on Setting Up the Perfect Business Sign
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5 Tips on Setting Up the Perfect Business Sign

Business signs are the face of your commercial establishment and work as the first line of advertising to your potential customers. You must be very careful when you are selecting them as they can make or break your chances of becoming successful. A business sign that is too direct and blunt may scare customers away. Playful and misleading signs can mean your clients will not take you seriously. Finding middle ground can be tricky but will provide the best results. Take a look at some tips below to make sure you get the perfect sign for your business!

business signA Business Sign Must be Creative

One thing you need to take into account when choosing a sign is being creative. Humans are visual creatures. You must choose a design that will appeal to your market. You must choose a target audience and keep their age group in mind. Depending on your industry you must also select the appropriate style of ad. For instance if you are in the construction industry you don’t want to use childish fonts. Always design your sign based on your industry to make sure people are know right off the bat what you do and that you are good at it.

Size is a big one

The size of your sign not only depends on what you want but what space you have available. If you sign is placed on ground level you want to make sure it’s big enough to catch people’s attention. Nevertheless if it’s too big it will not be legible, so you need to find the perfect size and work with what you have available. If you are able to place your sign above ground you have more flexibility. Signs above ground need to be a bit bigger but must still be clear enough to read from ground level and from a few blocks away.

business signBranding

Every local business needs an identity to stand out. Your sign should always help your branding efforts. Including your logo is a must in your sign. You must also have your company’s name up there and a slogan that’s catchy and that clearly states what products or services you have available. Bigger companies that already have good branding can get away with simply putting up their logo (like McDonald’s for instance) however smaller companies must build their brand along with their industry so people start making the connection clearly.

business signProfessional Services

You should always hire a professional business sign service before putting up a sign. Qualified experts can give you feedback on your design and size. You can also get constructive feedback on the wording you decide to use to make sure it will attract as many customers as possible and cause the right impact.
Putting up a new sign for your company is a very exciting time. It has a bigger effect than most people think and can increase your sales and foot traffic if set up correctly. If you need assistance with your business sign make sure you give us a call. Our team of qualified professionals are equipped with years of experience to help you choose the best sign for your business. Give us a call today!

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