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5 Great Ideas for Your Business Signage

5 Great Ideas for Your Business Signage

It’s common knowledge that signs are the best way to advertise your business. A professional sign can dramatically increase your business’ income. There are many factors that need to go into putting up a new sign. It needs to be attractive, creative, and informative while still transmitting a high level of professionalism. You also need to know what factors work to your advantage, in other words, the space you have available and the types of signs that can suit your business. Although not all types of signs  are good for all businesses, all business experience great benefits when they change or install a new sign. Take a look at some of the suggestions below for some ideas of business signage.

business signElevated Business Signage

Elevated signs have a powerful effect on people and can become a major factor in a small company’s success. They are placed above ground level so customers can see your sign from further away. In addition you can become an unofficial landmark and can give your company a very good reputation. Your potential customers are bound to consider you more if you have a big sign giving them information and signalling your location.

Neon Signs

Neon business signage are fun, creative ways to reshape your business’ image into a successful one. Neon signs are best suited for certain industries so you want to make sure you are making the right call before putting up the new sign. One of the biggest advantages of neon signs is that they are tailored to perfection for each company. They also work in daytime as you are able to turn of the neon light before dark and plug it in during night time.

business signage

A-frame Signs

A-frame business signage are triangular-shaped signs commonly used in restaurants. They are mobile, so they are usually placed outside of a business and give information about discounts and daily specials. However A-frame signs are not limited to the food service industry. They are fun ways to inform customers because they are usually used as blackboards and can be customized on daily basis. In addition to that they are also an awesome way to give directions to customers within a few blocks of your company.

dennys directional signDirectional Pointers

Directional pointers are business signage placed around a city of specific area to give customers instructions for getting to your business. They are static and usually attached to a post above ground level and point in the direction of your business.

Clear Window Decals & Vinyl Lettering

Clear window decals and vinyl lettering are great ways of advertising your company without installing or bolting any signs to streets or walls outside of your company. They are often placed
Directly on a company’s display window. They are fully customizable and can give customers information about prices, operating hours, services offered and much more.

Revamping your sign or installing a completely new sign can bring many benefits to your business and catapult it into success. If you need professional assistance give us a call. Our team of seasoned experts can help you make the right decision and install the best sign for your business. Contact us today!

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