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Psychology Behind Signs

Psychology Behind Signs

It is now clear that modern marketing has a big psychological component. The essence of marketing is to attract consumers, either through direct or subliminal messages. Signs are the most common ways to market something: events, products, services, and more. All of them have the same thing in common, they want to bring more people into their establishments and make more money. This is where psychology meets signs. Psychology behind signs is a modern and useful theme in marketing.

Psychology behind Signs: Its Components

Psychology plays a huge roll as it helps businesses tell what consumers will be attracted to. There are a few components you must always pay attention to when putting up a sign up for your business regardless of the industry or product provided.

The Psychology Behind Signs

Make Sure The Name of your Bussiness is Catchy

Must Sound Catchy

Phrase like most good things, good products and services (and their providers) are easy to remember. When you are thinking about a sign for your business you want to make sure the name is catchy, or that is has a catchy phrase in it. Choose any of the world-famous massive conglomerates you find around the globe and you will notice their signs always feature a catchy name or catchy slogan. This is no coincidence, as humans remember catchy names first and usually go with their first instinct.

Must Be The Right Font and Size

Choosing the right font for your sign is fairly simple as long as you keep a few things in mind. You must make sure your font is always easy to read (or at least readable) so people can identify your business. Now, with that being said, plenty of companies try to stand out with a modern or futuristic font, which may be harder to read but is very recognizable once you make the first impression. When it comes to size you want to make sure your sign is big enough to read but not overwhelming.

The Psychology Behind Signs

Colors Have a Huge Effect on Humans

Don’t forget shape and color

Choosing the right color and size sounds relatively easy but it may make or break your business. Colors have a huge effect on humans. For a good explanation of how colors affect human behavior and what colors cause which reactions click on this link. The shape of your sign may vary depending on your industry, logo, or specialty. Just make sure it is not easily confused with an offensive shape of any kind.

Obvious and Subliminal Messages

This is where it gets beefy. You always want to portray at least two messages to the consumers. One obvious one that should be transmitted through a direct message on the sign itself and another subliminal message, that is transmitted through a combination of shape, font, size and color.

Advanced Multi-Sign

Make Sure your Sign Create an Impression so Heavy that Consumers Easily recognize It


Last or not least you want to make sure you create an impression so heavy that consumers easily recognize your sign next time they see it.

For additional information on commercial signs give us a call and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you today! We are especialist in psychology behing signs.


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